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  2. Installation of unconventional windows

Installation of unconventional windows

Non-standard, original and unique structures require unconventional windows. Design, production and installation thereof require special technical and construction skills. Classic windows are not always suitable for specific projects, so this is where unconventional windows will step in. Their main purpose is to highlight building design and contribute to its specific charm and originality. Elliptic steel-plastic windows, round windows, trapezium-shaped windows, triangular windows and other geometrical shapes come in different colors, sizes and opening types. It all depends on customer’s requirements. This variety of unconventional forms in conjunction with other features and top quality allows steel-plastic windows to take its rightful first place among windows made from other materials.

Unconventional plastic windows for cottages are offered by Royal Plast. Their windows possess high operational qualities, in other words, they will serve for a long-long time while maintaining their original shapes and other properties. Moreover, heat- and noise- insulation properties of unconventional windows are just the same than those of standard window models.