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Glazing private residences and cottages


  • Manufacture of windows and doors, including sliding systems;
  • Panoramic glazing: a modern construction trend;
  • Installation of windows and doors in wooden houses;
  • Lamination of windows (allows turning any design project into reality);
  • Construction of winter gardens.

We would like to emphasize that private residence with improper windows is doomed to excessive heating expenses, therefore glazing requires peculiar attention. Nowadays heating a private residence is an expensive issue, but you can save a decent amount by installing good windows with decent noise insulation and energy efficiency levels.

In addition to that, a country house shows one’s personality, serves as an incarnation of wishes and ideas. When building a dream house, one should consider that besides being a warm and cozy place, it should, undoubtedly, be beautiful. And windows are the way to compliment any project, making it more attractive. Everyone can show his personal touch by choosing windows design, color, shapes, sizes and features. Cottage doors and windows may also be decorated with stained-glass artwork or a muntin. Trust us, this will create a unique look and become a signature moment of your house. Independently of construction type, steel-plastic windows will provide durability, stability, reliability and energy-efficiency.

Besides standard windows, it is also possible to use sliding, parallel-sliding, tilted-type sliding and accordion-type systems. Those windows are usually large and, therefore, require heat loss minimization. To avoid excessive heat loss, we recommend using windows with energy-saving glazing units. You may want to install five-chambered glazing units such as Rehau Euro 70, Rehau Brilliant Design or six-chambered profile systems like Geneo. They perfectly preserve heat while providing decent noise-insulation at the same time. A Glas Troech glazing unit will also contribute to energy efficiency. All of those will repay in 2 or 3 years.

When it comes to fittings and accessories, we prefer the industry-leading brands, such as Winkhaus (Germany) and GU (Germany).

There’s also a new generation of fittings: tilt and turn fittings from activPilot Concept. They combine broad functionality, security and, of course, comfort. They are also compatible with all profile systems, have a modern design, are flexible and aesthetically looking on top of everything else.

LLC «TIM BUD INVEST» has a massive experience in glazing private residences, country houses and cottages of different types. We are always ready to provide an advice, present all the required certificates and, of course, examples of our works!

Another important thing is installation quality. In the end it greatly impacts the functionality of any window structure. When installing windows into gas-concrete of foam-concrete (those materials are nowadays commonly used in private residence construction) one should consider some important details. The most complicated part is ensuring air tightness and lasting properties of seams between the plastic frame and the wall itself. First thing that needs to be done is provision seam airtightness. It may be partially done by cutting protrusions in blocks. Besides that, our assembly teams use leak proofing materials, such as freeze-resistant sealant or special self-expanding tape (pre-compressed sealing tape). Another important condition for installation is proper protection of frame-to-wall contact area from heat-loss. Mechanical strength of the window-to-wall contact area is a vital element to be considered during installation. This is done by special mounting plates and reliable expansion anchors.