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  2. Sliding-type systems

Sliding-type systems

This system is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. Customers often turn their attention to these structures and there’s a reasonable explanation coming. Major advantage and a unique character of «slider» is that its section requires no useful space when opened. In other words, you save yourself some space by installing a sliding system. This relates to small cozy sun porches in the same manner as it relates to large and spacious patios. When you open a glazing unit equipped with a sliding system, there’s even no need to close the blinds. Those who already use these systems have already seen their true value.

«TIM BUD INVEST» offers high-quality sliding systems made with Rehau profile and equipped with Hautau fittings (all German-made). Years of experience (including professional), have shown that these sliders are the best solution when it comes to choosing a sliding door or window system.


  • Simplicity of operation, comfort and convenience;
  • Guaranteed weathertightness;
  • Durability, reliability, serviceability;
  • Saves useful space inside the premise;
  • An optimum and comfortable opening trajectory;
  • Increased lockpicking resistance;
  • Ideal for glazing sun porches, balconies, winter gardens, swimming pools as well as patios.

Frankly speaking, the only setback of sliding systems is their price, since it exceeds the price of a regular window. If you want to learn more about sliders and their prices, please contact managers.