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  2. Profile systems

Profile systems

Unconventional windows are perfect for creating unique and original structures. Design, manufacture and installation thereof require special technical and construction solutions. Classic windows with standard forms are not always suitable for a specific project. This is where unconventional windows step in. Their main purpose is to underline the building design and emphasize its unique look. A variety of egg-shaped steel-plastic windows, round windows, trapezium-shaped, triangular and other shaped windows that come in different colors, sizes and opening types, along with many more features and consistently high quality allow steel-plastic windows to take their rightful first place among windows made from other materials.

Unconventional plastic cottage windows are made by Royal Plast company. These windows possess high operating performance, which means that they are going to have a long service life, while maintaining their original shales and properties. Moreover, noise and heat insulation properties of unconventional windows are identical to those of their traditional counterparts.


If we look upon Geneo-profile system in terms of energy-saving, it is safe to say that it’s the best existing window system (as of today) with construction depth up to 86 mm. Its main feature and advantage is top quality RAU-FIPRO material. This is a fibrous composite material which makes a profile extremely rigid. In most cases (namely 90% of use) there is no need for metal reinforcements usually required to ensure profile stability. All things considered, Geneo has the best heat insulation index due to absence of any thermal bridges resulting from using metal and causing heat losses. Geneo windows are of exquisite design plus heat insulation. An ideal combination of quality, functionality and comfort. By choosing Geneo you choose a top-quality profile that will protect your home from frost and provide maximum comfort.


  • Premium-class system with no additional steel reinforcements;
  • High-tech RAU-FIPRO material, providing extreme rigidity;
  • Improved profile structure with integrated fastening system (IVS);
  • Geneo is 40% lighter than traditional profile systems that simplifies loading and unloading and has a positive overall effect on windows installation;
  • Non-transparent section height from 115 mm, that provides optimum light penetration;
  • Improved insulation properties owing to functional chambers equipped with thermal modules;
  • Optional installation of triple glazing unit owing to wide flange (66mm);
  • Structure is easy to open and close due to less closing pressure of Geneo systems;
  • Surface with High-Definition Finishing (HDF): extra smooth high-grade surface easy to maintain and clean;
  • Eco-friendly profile system subject to recycling;
  • Absolute energy efficiency! By using Geneo in doors and windows you provide better premise insulation


Euro-Design 70/ES offers the best terms for various objects construction. This Rehau profile system offers a series of economic benefits. Various premise decoration capabilities are further complimented by a variety of forms, colors and sections of improved design. Of course, by investing money into their residences, people want everything (including the smallest elements) to comply with their wishes and ideas. Euro-Design 70/ES profile systems are a perfect choice, allowing to make your home cozy and homely and the quality fill never fail to impress. First of all, if you are a demanding person with high demands to premise design, Rehau Euro-Design 70/ES windows will complement any interior and perfectly fit into your home, while emphasizing its style at the same time. These windows may be installed in panel houses as replacement to wooden windows.


  • Economically beneficial system for application in various construction objects;
  • Extra smooth surface with High-Definition Finishing (HDF), easy to clean and maintain;
  • Inclined frame fillister for better water drainage and easy maintenance;
  • Reinforcement chamber width allows using reinforcement with high static properties;
  • Equal reinforcement of leaf and frame allows to reduce production expenditures;
  • Eco-friendly profile system subject to recycling;
  • A wide choice of color variants;
  • Unconventional windows (namely rectangular, circular and inclined) are available on customer’s request;
  • Wide selection of design solutions due to various window casement forms (rounded or with off-center surfaces);
  • Flawless and exquisite appearance of white profiles is complemented by grey inserts.


Standard solution with 60mm depth for private and industrial construction.

Rehau Euro Design 60 profile windows will decorate any house owing to their smooth surface and 15-degree window jamb. Profile system ensures a pleasant microclimate thanks to double insulation contour, that prevents airflow (as well as keeps dust and humidity outside). Euro Design 60 has a structural depth of 60mm and is made in the form of a three-chamber profile system. Quality and cost-effectiveness of these profiles complies with all heat-saving requirements.


  • 60mm system depth, rabbet ledge sealing;
  • Heat transfer ratio kr=1,6 W/m² К (R=0,62 m² К/W);
  • Air and watertightness to load group «C»;
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain;
  • Class 4 sound insulation (VDI 2719);
  • Skewed window casement and sash fillister to provide water drainage;
  • Reinforcement chamber has a 35 mm width, therefore allowing reinforcement with high static characteristics;
  • Equal reinforcement of window casement and frame;
  • Maximum gazing unit thickness up to 33 mm;
  • Optional installation of inverse fittings.


High heat insulation and a perfect way to save money.

Profile system is distinguished by its construction depth (80 mm) allowing use of glazing units up to 51 mm in thickness (different 3-chambered variations and more). Number of chambers in window casements equals 6, and the frame has an additional one, to provide even higher heat and sound insulation properties (46 dB). The system can be equipped with two or three sealants, Synego AD and MD accordingly. The later provides heat-transfer resistance ratio of 1.06 m2K/W (upon two contours it is equal to 1.00 m2K/W).

Only Geneo profiles currently have better performance attributes than Synego. But they are much more expensive.

Dustproof due to innovative profile surface.

Owing to special High-Definition Finishing profile formula, your windows will be as clean as new on a daily basis. Innovative formula protects the profile surface from dirt and ensures an unmatched brilliance. REHAU SYNEGO profile windows remain clean for longer and require much less efforts to maintain. HDF formula secret lies in special recipe and improved production, developed by experienced REHAU engineers after extensive research. SYNEGO profile surface is much smoother and is distinguished by its unrivaled gloss.


  • Structural depth: 80 mm
  • Quantity of chambers: frame – 6 chambers, casement – 6 chambers
  • Maximum thickness: up to 51 mm
  • Heat transfer rate:
  • with rabbet ledge sealing (SYNEGO AD): Uf = 1.0 W / m ² K
  • with average sealing (SYNEGO MD): Rf = 0.94 W / m² K
  • Heat transfer resistance ratio:
  • with rabbet ledge sealing (SYNEGO AD): Uf = 1.0 m²K / W
  • with average sealing (SYNEGO MD): Rf = 1.06 m²K / W
  • Noise insulation up to Rw, P = 46 dB
  • Lockpicking resistance: up to RC3
  • Airtightness: class 4 according to EN 12207
  • Watertightness: class 9A according to EN 12208
  • Rabbet ledge sealing: EPDM
  • Quantity of contours: 2 (AD) / 3 (MD)