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French windows

French or panoramic windows are probably the best way to make your apartment or house more spacious, filled with light and add something new to the interior. This type of glazing requires the replacement of a wall section (if not the whole wall) with windows. In such a manner one can get a splendid panoramic view and decorate any house.

This type of glazing came from France, so the windows are usually referred to as «French». Besides elegance, panoramic windows provide plenty of light and visually expand the premise.

It is only natural that prior to making a decision to install French windows, one should weigh all pros and cons of these structures. First and foremost, we should keep security in mind, so it’s better to install windows with glass thickness not less than 6mm. Secondly, glazing units over two meters in width require special reinforcement units in order to maintain structural rigidity. Thirdly, keep warmth in mind and use energy-saving windows for French glazing.

There are numerous myths about panoramic windows. Let’s discuss the most common ones. For example, there is a widespread opinion that French windows came from Europe, where harsh winters are rare and therefore are not suitable for our climate. In fact they are. You just need to install maximum-warmth energy-saving windows. There are also speculations that installing French windows in multi-apartment buildings requires a permit from relevant authorities. This is not how it is, unless you are planning to relocate central heating radiators onto the balcony, where the panoramic window installation is planned. Another myth: large windows are something to be avoided at all costs if you have infants in your family. If this is the case, lower window section is replaced with a thick glazing unit (6mm) or a hardened glass.

To summarize the above it will be safe to say that one doesn’t have to choose between beauty and comfort, French windows and ordinary ones. Modern technologies allow a combination of both. Thanks to energy-saving windows and safety glass, you get both safety and beauty when ordering French windows!