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Energy saving windows and double-glazed windows

If you are going to buy new metal-plastic windows and are hesitant to take a regular or double-glazed unit with energy-saving properties, then we will help you decide. In this article we will try to explain in the most accessible way all the advantages of energy-saving windows, give the necessary useful information and practical advice.


The advantage of energy-saving double-glazed windows

One of the glasses of the energy-saving glass unit is coated with silver ions, which makes it possible to act as a thermal mirror. Thus, the energy efficient window reflects most of the heat back into the room, preventing it from leaving your home. If we talk about numbers, such a glass unit will be 30-50% warmer, which is significantly noticeable.

Argon gas in a glass unit

To increase the effect, argon gas is pumped into the glass unit chamber. It has a high resistance to heat transfer and improves energy efficiency in general. Moreover, argon gas itself will not work without ion spraying, it is an additional option. It should be noted that such a glass unit is completely safe for humans and does not pose any threat.

Who should order energy-efficient windows?

Our company «TIM BUD INVEST» recommends installing such double-glazed windows to owners of houses with autonomous heating, since you pay for each kilowatt of thermal energy and the less heat loss, the more tangible the savings will be. In this case, the difference in the cost of ordinary windows and energy-saving windows will quickly pay off at the expense of the money that you can save. As for the world practice, today the whole of Western Europe prefers exclusively energy-efficient double-glazed windows.

I would like to debunk the myths that exist about energy-saving windows, because they have nothing to do with reality. Customers are concerned about the length of time the sprayed window will last after installation. The information that such double-glazed windows lose their properties after 2-3 years is not true. In confirmation of this, there are studies and conclusions of Swiss and German companies, and we are ready to provide them to the customer.