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  2. Folding shutters

Folding shutters

Modern world is all about comfort, both during work and leisure. Protection from direct sunlight is an important aspect of a comfortable stay in any premise, therefore we offer you some high-quality folding shutters. They are designed to prevent overheating and direct sunlight. Besides that, folding shutters are also intended to protect interior from discoloration as well as prying eyes. Last but not least, they serve as a decorative interior element. Internal protective elements, installed directly inside premises are as follows: undercurtains, common curtains, Roman shades, folding shutters, plisse, roll blinds, bamboo blinds. As of now, internal sunlight protection is often used in everyday life. Horizontal and vertical shutters, roll blinds, (roller-type shutters, WinterMeeting electrically-driven systems for winter gardens) and plisse are a commonly-used trend. When it comes to choosing the design, it depends on a variety of details which are best discussed with designers, who will select the roller blinds in accordance with your interior style and develop a suitable sunlight protection system project. We, in turn, will be happy to deliver, assemble and install your desired choice. Royal Plast offers heat and sunlight protection elements, made of fabric, wood, plastic, bamboo and aluminum. Sunlight protection system can be manual or automatic. Installation of a semi-transparent sunlight protection system, coated with light-reflecting material from the external side is also an attractive solution. Smooth fabric roller blinds are fast and easy to fold and unfold (and may also be equipped with different drive systems). If it’s a feeling of coziness and comfort you are willing to create by installing a sunlight protection unit, plisse curtains are an ideal solution. Each of the described sunlight protection options is interesting and practical in its own unique manner. So, when it comes to choosing, please consider all premise peculiarities. TIM BUD INVEST offers only the best sunlight protection systems, and with democratic prices, at that. Our stock will leave each and every customer satisfied, our shades will serve for many years to come and become an integral part of your home, providing shade on a hot summer day and natural lighting in the evening.