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  2. Roller blinds and vertical blinds

Roller blinds and vertical blinds

TIM BUD INVEST offers vertical fabric blinds with fin width 89, 127 and 250 mm as well as various variants of fabric roller blinds:


Fins with 127 mm width, made in the form of thin knotting. Minimum sunscreen properties. MUSLIN is a perfect solution for decorating coffee shops, restaurants, night clubs and residential premises. Its thinness and transparency contribute to romantic and charming atmosphere, allowing to create a very cozy and comfortable room.

Composite blinds

A composition of different textures made according to individual drafts. These blinds can combine fabric and multicolored plastic. A combination of various textured elements allows creation of unique blinds to suit your desired interior.


Fin width of these blinds constitutes 89 mm, they are made in the form of wave-shaped three-dimensional structure. These blinds are commonly made of thick fabric. Wave blinds usually look light and extensive due to absence of straight lines.

Vertical blinds with 250mm fin width

A novelty among sun protection systems. These blinds are made of Novoscreen fabric.

Arranged blinds

These blinds are a unique variant of vertical blinds. They feature paintings, logos or messages, printed on fabric of their fins. Due to that arranged blinds will emphasize unique design and one-of-a-kind style of your premises. They are often used as additional advertising spaces.

If you are still wondering on what to choose: modern blinds or classic fabric curtains, please keep roller blinds in mind. This system offers great sunlight protection and a good alternative to simple office-style blinds as well as cumbersome portieres. In order to properly weigh all benefits of roller blinds, let’s discuss their advantages. Their main purpose is, of course, reliable protection from direct sunlight. And they are more than up for the task. When we look at technical aspects, we can note that roller blinds are easy to install and use. Their functionality is also not a subject of concern: blinds require no specific maintenance and are durable (service life up to 10 years). It’s relatively easy to choose roll blinds to suit your taste, since we have a wide range of fabric and colors, as well as a broad selection of material thickness and texture. Roll blinds are a perfect decoration for any interior. It’s a universal solution that fits into any premise.