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Nowadays it is safe to say that steel-plastic windows are the best offer available on the market (considering price to quality ratio as well as heat-efficiency to service life ratio). Same opinion usually comes from customers themselves. They emphasize one main advantage: warmth and reasonable price. This argument always works in favor of steel-plastic windows.

Our gallery contains a variety of premises, all having different steel-plastic windows installed. All structures are different in shape, color, complexity, and furniture. This is yet another proof of limitless glazing opportunities offered by plastic windows. They simply fit into any interior! Also, Rehau windows are the way to compliment and highlight any designer’s solution. Huge selection of color variations offered by TIM BUD INVEST will satisfy even the most capricious of designers!

Those who fancy light and wide spaces will duly appreciate sliding, rebate and accordion-type systems, offered by Rehau in collaboration with first-class furniture manufacturers. Energy-saving properties and sun protection are covered by Swiss company that offers glazing units which keep up to 50% warmth inside the premise while at the same time reflecting over 60% of outside heat (multifunctional).