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  1. DOORS

Steel-plastic doors: an exclusive thing!

Doors are a mandatory attribute for every house and one of its most important interior detail. They emphasize style of your residence and decorate your home both at the same time. It is safe to say «Everyone will agree that no well-designed interior (and exterior) is even possible without well-chosen doors». Steel-plastic doors are not only durable, secure and reliable, they also offer a number of benefits, such as color palette variety and operational convenience. Should you choose steel-plastic doors, rest assured, they will provide optimum sound and temperature insulation, weathertightness and reliability. Royal Plast doors are made of Rehau profile, known for its distinct properties and unrivalled quality. It is worth mentioning that all accessories, undoubtedly, contribute to service-life longevity. And we use only the best products in our line of work. This equally concerns fittings, accessories, profiles and glazing units.


  • Service durability;
  • Lasting color properties;
  • No cracking due to low temperatures;
  • No yellowing;
  • No special maintenance required;
  • No leak-tightness loss;
  • Fully compliant with global ecological standards, thereby are often installed at government institutions, kindergartens, hospitals, schools and polyclinics;
  • Unique door design;
  • Depending on customer’s personal requirements, initial configuration can be upgraded. Installation of additional security elements is also possible.

If you wish to order steel-plastic doors, please contact TIM BUD INVEST managers to ascertain the layout and desired configurations!