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  2. French balcony

French balcony

Juliet balcony or French balcony is a balcony glazed from the floor to the very ceiling. Its name comes from one of the provinces in France where these balconies were invented. Today French balconies are quite popular among the customers and the trend of completely glazing balconies has spread from newly-built capital structures to secondary housing. For one thing, glazing the balcony from floor to the ceiling significantly increases space. For another thing it fills the premise with light. And lastly French balcony is cheaper then overhanging one (with all of its lining). You should also keep the aesthetic component in mind, since panoramic glazing is a beautiful and uncommon thing. When ordering a French balcony, you may choose material for its lower part. It may be plastic instead of glass. All glass windows may be tinted to your liking.

Main feature of French balcony is that it’s glazed to the floor


Advantage of energy-saving glazing units

French balcony price depends of the number of elements, namely the materials. Foremost it’s the type of sealed insulating glass unit, profile system series and, of course, accessory equipment. You should pay special attention to those, since heat insulation, air tightness, structural stability and, undoubtedly, security are of prime importance in those balconies.

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