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Key ready balcony

If you decided to reshape your balcony, turning it into a small yet extremely cozy premise for leisure, work, infantine pastimes or simply having a tea, made up your mind on some quality windows and chose Royal Plast for glazing, you should also consider thermal insulation of floor windows and ceiling. This is why we offer you a «Key ready balcony» service. Besides windows installation, it also includes thermal insulation of balcony and finishing works.

There are various variants of finishing works and materials. So, it all depends on customer’s requirements and intended use. Will the balcony be a part of the room or a separate premise? If the balcony is not integrated into the room, finishing works usually include plastic or wooden lining and MDF panels. For integrated balconies, finishing works usually include blending them into the room.

The main goal is to provide high-quality thermal insulation, since balconies are usually not heated. Often this is achieved by using polystyrene foam or mineral wool.

Also prior to starting the works it’s necessary to decide on how the internal balcony space will be used, inasmuch as corners may be covered by sandwich panels instead of transparent dual-pane windows. This allows to create recesses perfect for installing cabinets or various shelves.

When it comes to performing works, first stage of «Key ready balcony» service is replacing those old window frames with metal-plastic ones. If the customer ordered an overhanging balcony, welding works are carried out in the first place. Next stage is heat insulation and external lining. This sequence allows to avoid visible seams and joints. When the balcony is fully installed and external lining is in place, it’s safe to commence temperature insulation and internal lining.