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Sliding doors

Modern architecture aims to hide the borders between internal and external house spaces, increase comfort, optimize residential and working environment. Reynaers sliding doors are a perfect solution for these specific goals. They allow installation of large glazed walls, letting the natural light penetrate the premises.

CP 155 (LS)

Quality and insulation exquisiteness

Concept Patio 155 is a first-class heat-insulation system of sliding and HST doors. It’s intended to create largest possible glazed surfaces while taking increased comfort into consideration. System is perfectly compatible with CS 86 system structures.

CP 155 system is also available in «super-insulation» option. Advanced heat-insulation system complies with requirements of energy-passive structures.

CP 155 is offered in different opening options and the low sill-plate variant allows to improve building access. Installing an automatic opening drive will assure maximum comfort.

HST door system allows construction of exceptionally large doors, (up to 400 kg per half-door). CP 155 is compliant with 2nd class burglar protection, confirming the security and safety of this solution.